Walking for Fitness

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Running and Gym Shoes

When starting a new exercise program some say to check with doctor first. We can all walk and it is good for our health and well being. Just take the right steps and start out slowly. Organizing and scheduling some types of work outs can take time and consultation. Over time you will add new routines and get rid of others. However there are 3 types of exercises you can start right away:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Biycling
These are the three things this blog talks about

Few things that you need to keep in mind to prevent injury to yourself when walking to fitness.

Taking care of the feet:

Make sure your shoe has a low heal. It needs to be firm to hold its shape but will at the same time bend easily. Walking around the shoe area is a good way to check out the right fit and style that fits you best before buying.

Warm up:

Before you start out you daily walk first warm up for a bit around 20 to 30 seconds will work fine.

How to avoid injuries:

You need to warm up the whole body to keep is flexible while walking to avoid injuries. Starting out, work the ankles by moving each one in a full range of circle motion to avoid injuries. The legs are next and they too need to move at a full range motion from the hip down. Making circles using your hips will work for the pelvic area by standing with feet shoulder width apart and hands on your hip. The arms are next making circles with them also by starting out making circles with you hands and than add the whole arm from shoulder down. Last of all hop in place and move the whole body at the same time.

Walking with the right gear:

Always walk against the traffic to make it easier for the on coming traffic to see you if your walking on the road. If a sidewalk is available, it is best to walk on it. Don’t wear headphones when walking because it can distract you from hearing what is going on around you.

Be sure to have an ID with you when walking just incase you get hurt and someone’s needs to help you. A Cell phone is a good idea too for emergencies that can happen while your walking. Always wear reflective clothing especially on a cloudy day or towards dark. You want to stand out to make it safer for you and the traffic will be able to spot you easier.


Your posture is important to practice when walking. Walking can cause injuries to the feet and back as well. Stand tall tucking your abs in to keep the lower back from arching as you walk. Taking quick and small steps are the best to start you programming out. The larger steps and faster pace will come along as you work your way into you new program.

Your arms should be bent at the elbow placing your hand to the center of you body. Keeping the elbows fixed in this position to make it easier to swing your arms as you walk to give your arms the exercise they need as well as your legs.

Walk using your back foot to push you along the way. As you pick up your feet have the back foot showing the sole behind you.

Now you have your shoes fitting well to your feet and your posture is right you can start your fitness program plan and goals. Have fun walking your way to fitness.

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